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Here are some common questions and arguments posed by some.
Q  The Hebrew writings were according to the Hebrew calendar, Woodstock was not. What about that?
A  I know the old Hebrew calendar and the one we use today are different. I've been told this a long time ago. A point I would like to get across to people, is that the (Holy Land) isn't necessarily in Israel. The true Holy Land is where a person's or people's heart is. Along the same lines of thinking, maybe the true calendar is simply the one we use today, meaning, it's not important. A living and active God might be telling us this through the connections. I do not believe that ancient Israel or today's Israel has a monopoly on proper human conduct via it's rituals and traditions. While the Ten Commandments are a necessary component for proper human conduct, most of the rest of Israel's rituals and traditions are inconsequential.
Q   Some of the Dead Sea Scrolls tell about some less than respectable conduct such as, quoting now; (texts that claimed you could discern how good a life one would have based on what they looked like? That the bad angels Genesis didn't just have offspring with humans (Giants) but also (monsters)? And the High Priest had a "pair of dice" to divine yes/no/no answer questions and that "Thummin and Ummin?" also glowed?) end quote
A   Who knows with absolute certainty which individuals practiced which rituals and activities? To say a whole people practiced a certain activity over their (100 year or so) existence is a mistake. What I know for sure, is how some of the Dead Sea Scrolls seem to relate to modern times. Which indicate in my mind that there is an active and living God, never standing still. You can be a scoffer if you want, it's your choice.
Q   Hi! Question, you say the terrorists should be taken out through any means...doesn't the bible say "Though Shalt Not Kill?" Also, my dad is a born again Christian and you may be interested in his website: iconbusters.com
A   I hope you have read farther than where I said, 'if leaders and countries like that of Iraq CAN NOT BE REASONED with, they should be taken out by any means necessary.' I am disappointed with the fact that the connections haven't been on the TV news. The connections are at least one thing that helps me believe that I am not totally helpless to curbing avoidable disasters. But I am only one person, it will take many people to have a discernible difference. On the whole, I agree with, "though shall not kill", however, there are brainwashed people out there who would rather kill you or me before we would have a chance to explain, "though shall not kill" to them. I dream of a more peaceful world to come everyday, but I realize that I have to survive in the world of today, in order to spread the word to those who will listen. The New Testament has good ideas to live by, but the Old Testament has some good words to live by too. One such passage is a psalm made into the recording "Turn! Turn! Turn!", by the Byrds. May the time of war come to an end soon, and may the time of peace come and stay. 
Q   The lyrics of Joe Cocker's version of "With A Little Help From My Friends" includes the words, "I want to get HIGH with my friends". Doesn't this nullify Joe Cocker's role as the 'follower of the wind' mentioned in the Damascus Rule, since he was singing about drugs in both songs?
A   It is true that the official lyrics of Joe's version include the word 'high'. The best person to ask, about just what kind of 'high' he was singing about, would be Joe Cocker himself. He is a hard person to reach. However, at the actual Woodstock version, Joe ad-lib's quite a bit. Some of the things he sings are hard to make out, but I honestly can't hear him say the word 'high' at the Woodstock version. Some of the words he does sing are, "well I need my brother now", "until now you say no more", "well I'd go naked for my friend(or it's)well I'm going to make it for my friend", "I'm going to spread loving around", "don't you know I'm singing for your life", "you got your friend to love you...you got your soul", "Lord, I'm broken". Also too, 'high' can mean- the feeling you get, having a little help from your friends or vice versa. Unfortunately, it would make more sense that the word 'high' was added for better record sales.
  Joe Cocker, however should not be considered the soul person to blame. We all, in America at least, have the freedom to make choices. Whether to choose drugs as a false escape from our problems, or to choose love and friendship. We must stop idolizing other people, so much. Rock stars and movie stars are often the last choice, for a good mentor. One connection is the fact that I Kings chap 12 in the Bible, not only mentions an evil festival that was held in Bethel on 8/15, but it also mentions one in Dan. I believe the purpose of this connection is, to keep my pride in check, to keep me humble too. It is to remind me that I am not above others, in potential, and honor.

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