August 18, 2007:   I have had big problems with my home computer this past week. With all the viruses, worms, and faulty anti-virus programs, it is enough to make one want to take it all out to the curb for the garbage man. How is everything supposed to go digital, right down to our money? I would sooner go postal both figuratively and literally if that happens. Seriously though, honestly and integrity never go out of style in a vibrant and smooth running society. Every computer wiz idiot planting viruses and invading peoples computers is prolonging the agonies of a sick world. The people of the world need to be able to easily communicate to make things better. I am not just talking about this website, but everyone who has something to say worth listening to.

About my comment from June, there is nothing new to say. If something does not happen by September 1st, I am moving on. I will be open to any other possible romantic relationship, after that. I am always wary of lightning strikes too. I am not getting any younger.

August 25, 2007:   I have written quite a bit about my thoughts and opinions on various forums on the internet. Since I can not be sure that the operators of the forums will keep the things I have posted up and intact, I feel like I should write them down again at this website that I call my own. This posting I titled, The Axis of Evil That Bush Did Not Talk About. It will be nearly word for word as I posted it in July of 2005.

There is another Axis of Evil, other than what President Bush has spoken about. The Damascus Document mentions Satan's three forms of righteousness that will arise, riches, fornication, and profanation of the temple. Each of these tend to feed each other. In a perfect world, nobody would be filthy rich. In a perfect world, every child would have a responsible, wise, and loving mom and dad. In a perfect world, nobody would be prone to incestuous, adulterous, and vulgar thoughts.

Each of these things is self destructive for humanity. At the same time each of them are not entirely easy to identify as harmful and(or) unfair, unless they are taken to their respective extremes.

I will start with riches. I have stated at my website that I agree with much of what Rush Limbaugh says on his program. However, many points that I agree with are within the context and limited to this blind-leading-the-blind/false righteousness world. Rush has boasted many times about being wealthy. Rush's wealth is peanuts compared to people like Bill Gates' and Warren Buffet's. What possible rational use would these people have for having all those billions, except for the purpose of making more of it? If being rich was no such a form of righteousness to them, they would do a whole lot more to help the less fortunate. For example, people in African countries have trouble getting enough food for many years. There have been attempts to help, but the aid in large part has been intercepted by corrupt dictatorships, and those who seek their own corrupt dictatorship. Barring the enlightenment of those dictators and their helpers, force would be one the next best ways to get food to those who desperately need it. Mr Gates or Mr. Buffet could help by using their political clout and their money to hire bands of commandos to escort the food in. An even better long range solution would be to build sea water purification facilities, and pipe it to areas that need it.

There are those who are not necessarily rich, but seek to have the appearance of being wealthy. Economic forces often require that both the wife as well as the husband work away from home. This allows them to have the wealth and(or) wealthy appearance they seek. The children are typically shuffled off to so-called day care. While it is possible that this family's main fault is seeking riches, the children at day care will be influenced by children with even less guidance. In turn, they indulge in fornication and profanation of the temple as well as their parent's net, riches. A person growing up in a cold hearted first net world, will do things to suppress the pain in different ways. They will not only carry the torch for the first net, they will indulge themselves in one or both of the other nets. They will produce children with even less guidance yet. This action will produce children who are aborted for no good reason. They are aborted for superficial reasons. One of these reasons might be that the would-be father and mother are too young to 'properly bring up' a child, in a large house with a three car garage, per se. Another reason might be that the would-be mother and father are too caught up in the if it feels good do do it lifestyle. In the mind of a would-be mother, stretch marks could ruin her look, and her superficial loving relationship with a man.

Then inventions come along, like the condom and the pill, and the dynamics change. Now sexual indulgence can continue, except for the occasional misuse and(or) malfunction of one of those inventions. Now there is a new attitude about sex that develops in popular culture. Sex becomes a sport, a casual activity, and a peer pressure badge of acceptance. There was a slogan make love, not war. This helped pop culture peddlers sell their items to further their riches. The cycle continued. In all this time that pop culture was selling their ideas and inventions, there were people who did not fit the perfect pop culture image. If they were imperfect because they were rather poor, but had attractive physical features, they might choose to marry someone mainly for his or her riches, which would in turn increase risk of a break up and emotionally scarred children. The same person with a slightly less moral up bringing might choose to have sex before marriage with an already wealthy person, mainly for riches. Yet again, the same person with a bad moral up bringing might choose to make pornography. This might be just a stepping stone in gaining riches. Organizations like Playboy ruin the traditional family. Women should have more dignity for themselves and men should do the same. It's not so much the nudity, that is the damaging thing, it is the encouragement of promiscuity that goes with it. Still others who did not fit the, perfect pop culture image, who were plain ordinary or physically unattractive. Again, these people will often strive to fit in with pop culture. As sex became a sport, these people were left on the bench, so-to-speak(I include myself among these). Age old concepts like the sacredness of sex were being abandoned, however. This opened the door for, and encouraged twisted reasons for sexual acts, including homosexual acts, rape and child molestation. There are many variables of course, each individual is not quite the same as another. Each of us are born into our own set of circumstances. This is generally how all three nets of Satan tie together and compliment each other.

Profanation of the Temple can take many forms, as the human body is the Temple. These forms can include some forms of medical science and medically assisted reproduction, homosexual acts, and polygamy. It is really not very difficult to recognize these things as self destructive behavior as well as mankind destructive behavior. Many out there, just prefer to look on the bright sunny sides of things. You do not bother looking beyond yourselves, and the here and now. Looking at the long term is the wise thing. Before such things as light bulbs, cars, airplanes, test tube babies and cloning, it was much easier for people to recognize reality. Messing with human reproduction in major ways is like fixing something that is not broken. However, if the messing continues in major ways, and any problems that we do have will only be multiplied. As we seek a more kind and gentle humanity, than the humanity of our past, we must combine some aspects of natural selection with modern knowledge about DNA. Instead of going wild in the lab making human embryos just to destroy them in the name of medical progress, we must take a different attitude about what is progress. A major attitude that needs changing is one that says, THIS IS WHAT I WANT AND I AM GOING TO HAVE IT. In the past, when a young man and woman sought to get married, neither had the ability to know each other's DNA traits or even blood types. Many of the inherited diseases, and birth defects, were had, and unknowingly passed on. People can have the ability to know each other's genetic traits early on in their relationship to avoid such things as broken hearts and shattered hopes. It would be their choice of course to risk it for the sake of their love. Life is not life without some risk. They would be wise to realize that the possible child might well pay the price for their, THIS IS WHAT I WANT AND I AM GOING TO HAVE IT, attitude. A wiser move would be to adopt.

True homosexuals and homosexual acts are two different things. Only God and the individuals themselves can know if they are true homosexuals, in most cases. Yes...Yes...Oh Yes..., the choice to partake in homosexual acts is made by true homosexuals, bisexuals, and yes even heterosexuals, these days. Even though nearly all of the above individuals could likely choose to have a good and healthy heterosexual marriage and family if it was in their hearts. The problem is EVERY individual on the face of the Earth has the potential to be stubborn in their hearts and choose death and not the continuation of life. This potential, while very remote, becomes less and less remote the more we exalt homosexual acting clergymen and sanction same sex marriages.

There will undoubtedly be those who will stubbornly refuse to accept the things that am saying. There will also undoubtedly be those who will accept what I am saying. The day is coming, when we will begin to distinguish who is who, and go our separate ways. Those who choose to, do it if it feels good, and do not believe in contemplating consequences, can go their way. You can carry on with your homosexual acts, your orgies and your vanity. You can have your made in the lab babies. The rest of us will choose a tried and proven lifestyle, made better by knowledge gained.

Remember how many of us felt after 9/11/01? It was not very long before many of us were back to our old ways. Here is another relevant portion of the Damascus Document: And every member of the House of Separation who went out of the Holy City and leaned on God at the time when Israel sinned and defiled the Temple, but returned again to the way of the people in small matters, shall be judged according to his spirit in the Council of Holiness. But when the glory of God is made manifest to Israel, all those members of the Covenant who have breached the bound of the Law shall be cut off from the midst of the camp, and with them all those who condemned Judah in the days of it's trials. But those who heed the voice of the Teacher and confess before God,(saying), 'Truly we have sinned, we and our fathers, by walking counter to the precepts of the Covenant, Thy judgements upon us are justice and truth'.....It is important to note that the writer(s) of the Dead Sea Scrolls left room for changes in the future, in their writings. Referring to scroll fragments 4Q 397 to 4Q 398, the author warns against mingling with other peoples. Whether the author means people of different races or just people of different beliefs does not matter. These days it is certainly recognized as the wrong way to go, to immediately condemn someone with these differences. The content of each of our respective characters, is the most important. One plausible reason for separation from other peoples may be for clarity of thought and concentration on God's will. This may have been the root source of the rule, but the rule was altered over the years, to become a more discriminatory rule. A certain amount of gathering will take place, before a separation. It would be like sifting of sand, in a search for pieces of gold, if you will(if everyone turned out to be gold, in the end, that would be fine with me!). Scroll number 4Q 398: Understand all these matters and ask Him  to straighten your counsel and put you far away from thoughts of evil and counsel of Belial(Satan). Consequently, you will rejoice at the end time when you discover that some of our sayings are true. So, we can say that they made rules that seemed  to suit their place and time, and also rules for ALL time(for humans). The fragments above, are from Geza Vermes' latest version,  The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English. I believe that some rules held sacred in ancient times had their roots in practical survival(for the time they were made). I am talking about such things as not eating pork. They did not understand that thoroughly cooking pork would eliminate the threat of tapeworm disease. While some modern day doctors and scientists say pork is not good for people, the same can be said about any other kind of meat as well. The fact is, meat provides readily available nutrients that plants by themselves do not provide. The old saying, Everything in moderation, applies here. At least nearly everything, anyway. Not all old rules are to be put aside. No matter how wise some of us are, basic human emotions and reactions tend to stay the same. Basic rules like the Ten Commandments are not to be scoffed at. They are not a tool of fear as some might claim. The Buddhist faith emphasizes the importance of keeping the ego in check. Anyone who knows the Ten Commandments have to admit that the first four Commandments do a whole lot to keep the ego in check. People of different regions of the world are more alike than they may think! The Ten Commandments are meant to keep wise, but tempted people in check, including myself of course. If it were left up to all of us to make our own rules, then chaos would be the real leader. In an ideal world, there would be no middle ground when it comes to sexuality. Even though we do not live in a perfect world, we must never stop TRYING to be perfect. This will ensure that our own intelligence does not get the best of us. This is another idea the Damascus Document addresses: They banded together against the life of the righteous(Ps. 94:21) and loathed all who walked in perfection....I heard of a recently report about a boy who was expelled from school for reading the Bible during RECESS. I do not doubt that there are worse cases of persecution. From the Our Father Prayer(or The Lords Prayer).... forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.... This is not a ticket to do anything that we would like(or better stated, 'think that we would like').

In May 2006, I recorded these thoughts on the same forum;   If you haven't heard, Warren Jeffs a child molesting polygamist, has over 50 wives. He charmed his way into many lives. How did he do that? He caused people to think that he was specially sent by God. It is not anything new, after all the founders of the Mormons believed polygamy was OK. The Muslims have permission written a vague passage in their Quran as well, it goes something like, 'Take one wife or two or three or more, but only if you can love and care for them equally.' Some would say that this means, that a man can only have one wife, since it is impossible to love and care for each of them equally, but ohhh nooo, that isn't what many of them believe. There is not a trace of humility in the act, it is just an example of some self centered ego maniacs who use religion to get things that they want, and look like heros when they do it. The common person must become more active in seeking spiritual truths for themselves and not let others dictate to them. This would go a long way toward preventing these evil sects from forming and spreading.
Sept. 4, 2007:  The deadline(if I can call it that) of Sept. 1, 2007 has come and gone. I still do not have much more than hopes upon hopes. Hopes that never become real. It is hard to give up day dreaming about someone, when you have thought about them for so long. This is nothing new to me. It has been this way since high school. I was never very popular in school. I have been an outsider for practically my whole life. In some ways I look upon this as a blessing. If I were popular, I might well have never chosen the path I have. I would not have never begun thinking outside the box, so to speak. I might never have developed a love for peace & love type music. I would never have decided to look into writings like the Dead Sea Scrolls. I have thought of some plausible reasons for the relationship between Ashley and I, not progressing. At least one is worth addressing whether true or not. Parental pressure for her not to be with me, falls into the arena of the fourth of the Ten Commandments(the fourth as recognized by the Catholic Church) The Bible has different things to say in regards to, Honor thy Father and Mother & the other commandments. I would say that there are exceptions to having to comply with the commandments, except for the first two or three(If these two or three were truly kept, then keeping the others would be much easier. Maybe even as easily as night follows day.). I refer to Matthew 22; 37-40, where Jesus refers to a second commandment not specified by the Catholic Church version of the Ten Commandments. As mortal fathers and mothers are not perfect, there are and will be exceptions. You could look upon my reference of this as, self serving. This could be, but it is also true. I refer to Matthew 12; 46-50. It leads credence to the importance of nonconformity. Those engaging in terrorism should reconsider who is their father figure, someone like Osama Bin Laden, or someone of a MUCH higher rank. The bottom line is, knowing God begins with a personal relationship with God, not what someone else claims God to be. The proof of what and who God is, and stands for, is the condition of the society. The truth of what God commands us to do, can be found all around us.

There are undoubtedly other people out there considering relationships with people of much different ages. One reason for hesitation might be that, one would die a lot sooner than the other. That isn't how life works out all the time. My Mom & Dad were only a year apart in age. They had been married 33 years when Mom died from pancreatic cancer in 1976. Dad died in 2002, so he was without her for 26 years.
Jan. 15, 2008:   I have been kicked off myspace. I was apparently too aggressive in spreading the word. I do not know the exact reason I was kicked off. It was likely a complaining Muslim, one who was afraid to read Bible passages. If one's faith could not survive reading Bible passages, there has to be something wrong with it! I am going to keep on keeping on though. I believe I have made a lasting impression on many people anyway.

Jan. 17, 2008:   I have started a new account at It seems to be a little more secure than myspace. I haven't had one slutty message yet.
Jan. 19, 2008: I have managed to get back on myspace with my old URL. woodstockdan I have had to start it all over again. I still have more work to do on it, to get it close to the way it used to be.
July 19, 2008:  Conditions in America and the world seem to be right on time, as the 40th anniversary of Woodstock approaches. As the world seems to be getting more crazy and troublesome every day the value of this website should become increasingly clear.

I believe everyone should know the history of Easter Island(by all means do a search on it). It is one of the most remote places on earth, that is inhabited by Man. At one time the Island had many trees and God knows how many animals and plants as a food resource, but the native people their over populated it and cut down all the Islands trees. As a result the remaining people had a much tougher time living on the island. Earth is not unlike Easter Island, and Man as a whole must not mismanage it. The answer to the energy crisis is a number of things. For the short term, more oil drilling, more refining, and coal. For the long term, ethanol, hydrogen, wind, solar, and many other things. Nuclear(fission), I don't like. If a mistake happens with the other things I mentioned, the damage done might last decades, at the most. With nuclear, the mess would be with us for hundreds of thousands of years. We must learn to manage our population(voluntarily of course). Every person must realize their important value to the human race, not just as instruments of reproduction, but as instruments of reason and foresight.

Back in the early days of the automotive industry there was a tug of war for the fuel that would run the vehicles, namely Fords. Originally vehicles ran on ethanol, farmers commonly made all their own fuel. People were energy independent. John D. Rockefeller saw this as a problem. To make a long story short, the era of liquor prohibition was more about limiting ethanol production, and less about eliminating alcoholism. Greed is why we have the energy problems we have. David Blume's website is a good resource on this I do not necessarily agree with all of his politics, but he sure knows ethanol.

So, there is a much better use for alcohol than getting stoned!
August 18, 2008:   I received a call at 4:30am today. My Brother Ivan has died from a heart attack. He is the same brother I had written about earlier at this website. I would sit in his car and listen to his Tommy James & the Shondells 8-track. Ivan has influenced me greatly in life, and very much for the better. He was like a Dad to me. Please have listen to some Tommy James & the Shondells while you are here. Thanks!
August 25, 2008:   It seems like I have cried a river of tears, since last Monday. I could cry a river to forever, but I have things to do yet in this realm of existence. One thing that I have to do is tell others more about the life of Ivan. He was 60 years old. He would have been 61 on Oct. 28th, 2008. Ivan was the third oldest in a family of 10. I am the youngest. The family never had a lot of money or material things while growing up. Mom died from pancreatic cancer in Jan. 1976. Within a few years after that it was just Dad and I. We didn't have indoor running water until 1982, when I was 14 years old. Most everyone we knew had running water 20 years already. The closest sibling to me in age was my sister Teresa, she is 7 years older than me.

Ivan passed away as a bachelor. At about the year 1970, Ivan had been working, constructing high voltage power lines from central South Dakota to central Nebraska. While in the Central City area, he took a more permanent job, so he could stay in one place. He worked at a mobile home factory for 37 years. Though Ivan had a few romances in his earlier years in Nebraska he always seemed to end up with a broken heart(very much like myself).

In many of the years before I was born, Dad would be working away from home doing construction. He would send money home to the family. He would be on projects such as the building of hydroelectric damns along the Missouri River. In the years after Mom passed away Dad would take jobs closer to home, such as collecting garbage for the town of White Lake, SD and being a farm hand for a wealthy land owner. After my sister Teresa moved away from home to pursue her career as a registered nurse, it was just me and Dad, but mostly just me. There were some very lonely times for me. Dad would be away working from dawn to dusk for 9 months out of the year. When Dad was home, he rarely talked to me. Much of the time he was stone faced and rarely showed emotion and if he did, most of the time it was anger. Although he never beat me unless I deserved it.

Ivan was 20 years older than me, and in many ways he was more of a Dad to me than my actual Dad even from 250 miles away(Although I love my actual Dad too. He had a very tough time growing up during the dirty-30's and the Great Depression).  I very much looked forward to getting a phone call from Ivan every Friday evening. Ivan would still come home nearly every holiday. He would take me to visit a brother and two sisters, and their families in Mitchell, SD.

In 1980 Ivan was able to buy a piece of land right beside the tiny house he had been living in since 1971. Ivan built a house right beside the one he had been living in. He built it with his own hands, along with help from family and friends. It is a nice but modest house with three bedrooms and (OH YES) a bathroom. My sister Marcia, is between Ivan and I, in age. She moved away from White Lake about a year after Mom passed away. Marcia found it a little hard to make it on her own. She found it hard to find the right man to marry too. In 1984 she moved in with Ivan. Ivan loved Marcia being there. She helped pay the bills, kept Ivan company, and she is a great cook. For 24 years Marcia was with Ivan. A couple years ago Marcia finally found her Mr. Right. On August 16, 2008 Marcia got married to Bob, in Central City. All of the brothers and sisters were there along with their families, except for one of the sisters who lives in upstate New York(and she has her own problems)were there. All of the family said their good-by's, by early Sunday. Then it was about 1:00AM. Ivan was likely sleeping in his single size bed, with his little dog Dolly. He vomited. He knew something was very wrong. He was able to drive himself to the small hospital in Central City. He was able to tell the nurse, "my blood pressure is very low....I am very weak". Then he passed out. The people there worked on him for two hours. They tried to have a 'life flight' helicopter come from Omaha, but it too foggy for them to land. They then drove Ivan to a larger Hospital in Grand Island, where he was finally pronounced dead.

Ivan was a super nice gentleman. He was generous. He held doors open for friends and strangers alike. While driving, he would raise his fingers above the steering wheel and wave at nearly everyone along the street or highway. I believe the song Dragging the Line from Tommy James & the Shondells fits Ivan's character the best. He was "making a living the old hard way," as a line in that song goes. He did not care much for money and material things. He worked at a mobile home factory for 37 years. He passed up promotions for others with families to support. With his pension plan, insurance, and his house, he is leaving a substantial amount to the rest of us. Despite how some of his brothers and sisters could use the money worse than others, my hope is that we are all going to cooperate and not fight over things too much. This is how Ivan would have wanted it. I know that it was one of Ivan's hopes and dreams that the Family of Man work out it's differences in a similar manner. Family of Man, by Three Dog Night was another of his favorite songs. He liked any song with a good message. Being thankful the basic material things in life is so very important. Real friends and family are worth more than all the luxuries that can be had. Everything else is icing on the cake, so to speak.

I hope to have some pictures of Ivan posted soon. I might post them at my myspace and here at this site both. From this little brother's perspective, Ivan was the epitome of COOL!
September 19, 2008:  My first radio interview is scheduled to be October 9, 2008, 8:00PM to 10:00PM at It isn't the largest audience in the world but it is a start. There is a preview description at the Until the month actually turns, they make it a little hard to find. Click on any date on the calendar on the right side. Then click on "view calendar", then select October at the top.
Family of Man,   by Three Dog Night
Draggin' the Line,   by Tommy James
September 26, 2008:  Here comes the time when this website becomes very interesting reading material, not something to be scoffed at.

I bought four books on the Plymouth Pilgrims about a year ago. I have not made it through all of them yet, but I have discovered an important difference between two of them. Rush L. might not be reading from the right book, which might or might not be his fault. There are MANY pages of these two books which match word for word. There is on big difference between them. They both talk about Plato and communism, but only one includes a touching story about Thanksgiving.

talking about Plato version 'A'
talking about Plato version 'B'
story of a Thanksgiving version 'A'
skipping over a Thanksgiving story 'B'
4Q 397-398
4Q 398-399
December 21, 2008:  The powers that be are only as powerful as the people allow them to be. It is taking fewer and fewer grains of salt for me to believe that there is a conspiracy going on. A common conspiracy theory goes something like this: The real people who control the money supply would like to see the world population be reduced to 500,000,000. This goal is not necessarily a bad idea, in my opinion, it is too low. It is the means in which some people are willing to use which, is the bad part. In order to accomplish this they have to establish a VERY controlling world government. The manner in which these powers that be seek to establish this governmental control is multifaceted. Here are a few of them. (1) As the powers that be see it, money is power, so they seek to eliminated the middle class. They seek to manipulated as many people as possible to be dependent on government. It is easier to get the people to obey them this way. (2) They seek to create divisions among us, via religion, race and nationality. Wars can eliminate a lot people. (3) They subtlety introduce poisons in our food supply, like phenylalanine. The industrial sector sells the waste products to our local municipalities, then unnecessary fluoride and exes chlorine in our municipal water supplies. They would have accomplished their goal along time ago, if it were not for many good people standing in their way. Over the last 100 years there has been a great urbanization of the population. Instead of producing our own food on our own farms, more and more of us have been forced to get our food from a store. This is one of the main reasons for the phenomena known as blue states vs. red states in American politics. City people are more willing to let government have more control over their lives, because in they do not see any other choice. Country people do not want to give up their freedoms, because they don't need to, they are more self reliant. This is the heart of the financial problems we are facing. My idea of a perfect society is one where the cities have a population no larger than 50,000 people. Until that time comes, some things that city people can do are start back yard and roof top vegetable gardens. How about residential yards and city parks trees with eatable fruit? I believe that there is a lot of farmable land on which people could be self sustainable, but for financial reasons, it is not farmed. The reality of things is that ownership is an oversimplified and fragile concept, which ignores the realities of life. If you dispute that then, just wait until things get bad enough. Desperate people do desperate things. Doing to others as we would have them do to us takes care of this problem. 

This latest economic fiasco has been brewing for quite some time. Why are the people who are supposed to be in charge of the financial system still in power? That is a question that has been bothering me! The first thing that comes to mind is, the powers that be, don't want them out of power and out of office. The powers that be aren't done with them yet. Some say that new rules were passed in the 1990's which required banks to make loans to people who could not pay them back. This was permitted under the guise of a nondiscrimination mentality. Others say that the root cause was from the Carter administration and the rules that they put in place. Some say it was rules that Nixon changed, by getting away from the gold standard. Still others say, it was rules that were changed back in 1913, when the Federal Reserve Bank was created. I say that the all of these things have contributed to our present day problems. I am sure that there are contributing factors outside the powers' that be design too, like Mr. Madoff(an almost perfect name) and his cohorts, who stole $50,000,000,000 from investors over a period of about 20 years. Then again for this to be taking place for 20 years, maybe it is part of the powers' that be design also.

What the powers that be do not understand, is that they are powerless as long as the people do not let money control them. If conditions warrant it, people have to start bartering instead of using cash. Trading a quilt for a bushel of corn for example. Another thing we as common people must not do, is let them take away our guns. They might try something like regulating gunpowder out of our hands, as they tried a few years ago via OSHA. People with cold blood and hard hearts only understand those kinds of things. If people were to actually take these Woodstock and Dead Sea Scroll Connections to heart, all this will not be necessary. I am only one person, and I don't own any TV stations. People need to take control of the situation by taking control of their own lives, and then collectively, in their own communities. The only power that we really need to heed is the power that is, always has been, and always will be. Take a guess of who that is.

The government of the United States is supposed to run by the people via elected representatives. This can only be maintained if we maintain our freedoms. Freedom of speech and freedom to share information via the internet, TV, radio, telephone, and last but not least, word of mouth.

Moving on to something else, there is the matter of homosexual marriage. I have addressed this elsewhere at this website, but here is another way of looking at it. Here is my response to a woman who lives in Oakland, CA.:

Well, I believe people should be who they are. The trouble is, some people don't even know who they are. I believe that bad experiences have driven people to choose a homosexual lifestyle, but they really aren't. Civil unions, I am OK with, but don't give it the title of "marriage". Marriage is meant to hold a couple together in order to produce, support, and nurture children. If two truly homosexual people are allowed to marry and have children with the assistance of a fertility clinic, then I argue that they are willfully weakening the gene pool even more. I say that Man must not rely too heavily on medical science for reproduction. I don't just think about the here and now, I think about the long term implications of actions we take today.

It is a common practice among Native American tribes to consider the impact of the actions they take today on the next 7 generations. I believe it is a wise thing to do.

February 20, 2009:   There has been more disagreement about Ivan's estate than I would have liked to see. These troubling times are going to put everyone on the planet to the test. People's hidden characters will show their ugly faces, while some characters will be transformed. Wisdom will sprout from ignorance. The might of right will prevail.

We do not need any bailout bills. We need to do to others as we would have them to ourselves. We need to care for each others well being on an individual basis. Pure capitalism leads to pure arrogance and elitism for some, and a social stigma of shame and poverty for others. Pure socialism leads to pure arrogance and elitism for some, and laziness and poverty for others. When God and His wisdom, compassion and laws are left out, neither of these systems work in the long run. And it should be clear by now for those reading this that when I say God, I do not just mean God of the Bible, or other sacred writings, I mean the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Love which bridges all peoples. We need to celebrate this Spirit of Love on a regular basis, or this Spirit is all too often forgotten. There is not a better way to celebrate this Spirit of Love, than with some great music!

In the past, Capitalism has relied on an ever expanding population, an ever expanding exploitation of natural resources. This can not and must not continue indefinitely, unless technology allows us to safely migrate into space or other planets. We must learn to live together in peace on Earth, before we can ever make the move to other worlds. If we keep knocking each other down we will stay on this planet and become extinct. The only question is, "Does this happen sooner or later?" With God's help it will not have to end that way.