July 2002:  Some have referred to America as 'the great experiment'. The experiment being 'freedom'. The Pilgrims of Plymouth were the antecedents of the Quakers. In the history books that I was taught from, the Quakers were referred to as a 'society of friends' . At some point though, the great experiment was contaminated, just as some science experiments are. People who had selfish desires to conquer and dominate came. So much for the free rein of the society of friends. Soon came formal government, taxes, slavery, carelessness with nature and species, and greater and greater weapons of war. Even though all of these negative things occurred, the society of friends didn't just lay down and die. They tried to make taxes fair, they wrote about "certain inalienable rights endowed by our Creator", they fought and died to end slavery(while some southerners reluctantly fought to keep it, which reminds me of how man can be so much like sheep). If the rest of the world, were as free as America, they might well be as wealthy. They could not have done it without a great portion of honesty and decency. However, the rugged, selfless, God loving people of Plymouth settlement, would not recognize the world today. I believe they would find a world similar to that described in the "Damascus Rule", were "they sought smooth things and chose the fair of neck" and "they condemn the just and exalt the wicked". They would see these similarities, because they would see people suing fast food restaurants, for making them fat. They would see a rash of monsters raping and killing innocent young girls. They would see a rash of certain criminals set free on technicalities, and the innocent made scapegoats for personal or political reasons. They would see that the lives of the jailed poor and the jailed rich are as different on the inside, as they are on the outside. Well, that is all I will complain about for now. If you are wondering why I chose the colors at my site, I will tell you. The colors of the two tone background are Thanksgiving colors. The Pilgrims are well known for their Thanksgivings.  
The story of this photo below, goes like this. I am no expert on 'relative terminology'. He was my sister's husband's brother, or in other words my brother-in-law's brother. Anyway, a good man died while flying his crop dusting plane, June, 3rd, 2001. He left behind a wife and two teenage kids. The photo was taken by my sister on September 13th, 2001, while her and a couple others were visiting his grave site. It was an overcast day, in more than one way, shortly after 9/11/01. This was the 21st frame in a roll of film of 24. The rest of the frames seemed to be unblemished, except for one other. It was a picture of my brother-in-law standing with his niece at one of her basketball games. Her father knew that he had a dangerous job. He told her that if anything happened to him, that she should think of Roger(my brother-in-law) as her Dad. There is a slight curious glow in that photo too.
The winning numbers drawn in the New York lottery on September 11th, 2002, were 9-1-1.
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What is most logical meaning, that can be derived from this occurrence, besides the 'it's just a coincidence', meaning? I believe it signifies how important it is that people trade the inclination to seek security in money, for the security of real friendship. One of Satan's forms of righteousness mentioned in the Damascus Rule is signified by this connection. Those three forms of Satan's righteousness that will arise are riches( the rise in popularity of casinos and lotteries), fornication(a given), and profanation of the temple(or drug abuse, body piercing, and homosexuality etc.) All of these things used to hidden from the public eye at least in America and the western world, but today they are not. Those who claim traditional Islam as their faith, are not without fault either. The Damascus Rule also makes it clear that, 'one shall not multiply wives to oneself'. The same goes for women and their one choice.
August 2002:  If the leaders and people of countries like Iraq, can not be reasoned wit, they should be take out, by any means necessary.
December 2002:   If you have read the images at the home page, then you have read about a dream I had, about 9/11, in the Spring of 2001. That is not the whole story. The whole story would be lengthy and would be of little help to the people's overall understanding. However, some more details should be of interest to many. One night in 1985, before I feel asleep, I prayed that God would let me be friends with him and let me in on his wisdom and maybe even some secrets. I didn't let myself  feel anything, but peaceful, calm feelings. That night, I believe I had a prophetic dream. A voice was telling me some things and withholding others(or maybe it was that I didn't understand). I saw a three lane, one way highway. All the cars on it, are the people of the Earth headed for doom, at the end of the road. God would intervene with a rain of truth. I would be one of many who will help spread a rain of truth. There will be some who pull over to the side, early on. Others will persist on farther. For them the rain will become more intense. Some keep going, turning on their head lights, but inevitably they will have no choice, but to stop. Also, in the dream I saw planes crash into two tall buildings. I then saw many people with bags under their eyes, virtually the whole world was crying and had lost sleep. Before I awoke, I saw the face of an impressive figure. He was light complexioned, with blond hair. Between the awake and asleep states, I felt a strong breeze. I had a similar dream in the Spring of 2001. I wasn't sure if it was only a dream or not. On 9/11, I wished that it was a dream. I don't feel that I am the only one with such dreams. In a society that shuns at things that can not yet be explained scientifically, I do not doubt thousands have had dreams, but have been afraid to come forward. I predict that in the not too distant future, there will be news reports on how, many people are coming forward to reveal that they dreamed about 9/11 and other things. I believe that we can dream about future events, both worldly and personal. The worldly dreams, come true more often than the personal ones. The future is not unalterable. The choices we make in our personal lives, can cause drastic changes for ourselves, but our personal choices rarely change world events. That is, until we can get together and all perform lots of daily good deeds. (quoting the Dead Sea Scroll), "For from the beginning God chose them not; He knew their deeds before they were ever created and He hated their generations, and He hid His face from the Land until they were consumed. For He knew the years of their coming and the length and exact duration of their times for all ages to come and throughout eternity." On the surface, this may sound like the future is set, and nothing can change it. But, it is talking about events as a whole, which only God knows. So, on the whole, that line is telling us that the consequences of being greedy, self consumed people are catching up with us. The writer of this scroll, probably had dreams too vague also. What he could not be sure about, he substituted with words and names of things he knew about in his time. 
October 2003:  The war of ideas is more important than the military war. I have supported the military part of the war, in order that the people of Iraq could hear new and different information like the Woodstock and Dead Sea Scroll Connections. President Bush could do more in the psychological/spiritual war, though. I am very disappointed at this. I have mentioned that I agree with most of the things Rush Limbaugh says. The recent revelation of his pain killer addiction does not diminish my support for his ideas. Going by the comments he has made on various topics, my support for his ideas is definitely limited. He is certainly right when he says, government is not the answer to all problems, however absolutely no government programs, is not the answer either. Pure Capitalism and pure Communism by themselves is not the answer. A mix of the two would be the apparent key. In order to achieve the mixture, people must realize a genuine concern for one another's well being. Hence, the phrase, With A Little Help From My Friends. 
January 2004:   I have some thoughts about unnatural reproduction. There has been a recent 'mad cow' scare, which has brought out a concern about the inbreeding of the United State's cattle. Cattle no longer have very good immunity to fight disease. Because of the main concern of making the most money NOW, cattle producers have long used artificial insemination to produce cattle with the fastest growing and leanest meat traits. We also are seeing the advent of cloning livestock for the same reasons. Some homosexuals(and heterosexuals) who believe they have to reproduce children using laboratory tools are forging a faulty path. Just suppose that artificial reproduction of what ever mode became so popular that, it even became popular among heterosexuals. For reasons such as 'no stretch marks' and 'no birth pains' for women would be two reasons for such a gain in popularity of artificial reproduction. It is very likely that through unnatural selection we will lose our ability to reproduce naturally. Let us also suppose that in 1,000 or 10.000 years from now there is a global disaster, which destroys our ability reproduce in the laboratory. This is a very good reason for us to not just think for ourselves today, but to also think about our future. This is also another reason why a homosexual coupling must not be given the title of 'marriage'.    
April 2004:   Another interesting portion of the Damascus Document. This was the time of which it is written, Like a stubborn heifer thus was Israel stubborn(Hos. 4; 16), when the Scoffer arose who shed over Israel waters of lies. He led them astray in a wilderness without way by bringing low the everlasting hills, (performers flew in by helicopter because of the huge crowd) by causing them to depart from the paths of righteousness.....
February 2006:  I do not often make updates to my website, because I have said pretty much all I have to say. If and when events in the world happen, this could change. I go to forums all over the net including, www.hipforums.comwww.asiafinest.comwww.davidicke.com/forum/, and www.onelebanon.com/forum/index.php. My username is usually Dan67, Dan671, or Dan6989.
I would like to add, Islam is NOT the final word on religion. There will likely never be a final word, unless you are thinking of the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule.
March 2006:  About two weeks ago I was on the Sean Hannity on-line forum. Yesterday I realized that I had been banned. Promoting my website, was the given reason, however I believe there was more to it than that. My topic was titled, The Ultimate War on Terrorism is a Spiritual One. I tried to explain that while I thought America was great, there is even greater room for improvement. While we have a government that is supposed to be run by the people and for the people, our government is only as good as our people and their character. To make a long story somewhat shorter, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and others with their radio and TV programs fit very well the role of the, builders of the wall and those who daub it with plaster, which I mentioned on the introductory page of this website. It is also talked about in the Damascus Document. In image #7 It talks about the Heavenly Watchers, image #8 talks about Satan's three forms of false righteousness that will arise,(Ezek. 33: 10), and spouting after being caught in wrong doing, image #10 talks about the role of builders of the wall. While Mr. Hannity and Mr. Limbaugh are among the the most prominent whitewashers, they are far from being the only ones. Whitewashers do not come from just America's political right, they are in all political and social circles. The high and mighty Kennedy clan have their share of skeletons in their closet too. Each whitewasher washes according their choice of false righteousness. Ever since I first began spreading the word about the connections over sixteen years ago, many people would look at the Joe Cocker connections with wonder and awe. Later, though when the deeper implications of the connections began to sink in, that wonder and awe was replaced with a lot denial and whitewash. This is the reason word about the connections are not as well known as it could be. A portion of the Damascus Document;   Interpreted, these are the three nets of Satan with which Levi son of Jacob said that he catches Israel by setting up as three kinds of righteousness. The first is riches, the second is fornication, and the third is profanation of the Temple. Whoever escapes the first is caught in the second, and whoever saves himself from the second is caught in the third(Isa. 24). In America and in much of the world these things have changed from being social taboos, to being virtual forms of righteousness, since the early 1970's. I believe that a backlash is really being felt more recently, though. Here are just a few examples of the three nets. (1) Lotteries, casinos, and personal debt have risen. There is at least one casino in nearly every state. Then there are the junk lawsuits. (2) There is the simultaneous popularity of teen pregnancy, abortion, and sexual stimulants. (3) Now we have the exaltation of homosexual clergymen, and the sanctioning of same sex marriage. There are some very good hearted people in the world and there are very bad people, but none are totally free from these things. We all have our vices, the key is not to let our vices control us. The whitewash that Mr. Hannity and Mr. Limbaugh spread could be described as being over patriotic. Ezekiel 33; 10 thru 20, talks about letting your countrymen know about the consequences of their wrong doings. I still believe that Mr. Hannity and Mr. Limbaugh speak truth more often than those of other political persuasions. The thing is, many of the truths that they speak are only true within the context of a world that is so totally screwed up by Satan's forms of righteousness. Their choice of false righteousness is clearly riches. They have no problem with individuals having grossly exorbitant amounts of money. Sure people should earn what they have through honest means, but what has any one individual really done to be worth $1,000,000,000 or $50,000,000,000. Then there are the sports athletes, movie stars, and popular music stars. We have to stop idolizing these people! We have to start appreciating manual laborers of all kinds, these deserve it. I would add to this, DO NOT buy things made in China or any other slave labor state(if you can help it), until they clean up their act. 
For the past two or three years, I've caught Rush Limbaugh's version of the real story of the Plymouth Pilgrim's first Thanksgivings. The first Thanksgiving feast in America for the Pilgrims was held some time between September 21st and November 11th, 1621. Rush claims that the reason the Pilgrims needed help from the Indians is because of the Pilgrims' way of sharing everything equally. According to Rush this made them lazy. In the following year a Thanksgiving feast was not held, because of their laziness. So, in the third year they adopted a more capitalistic approach to food production, by granting land to individual families to produce food for themselves. Capitalism, according to Rush, is what saved them. However, Rush mysteriously left a very important part out about this story. I have tried to read Rush's account at His site, but you have to be a paying member to read it. FORGET THAT. I went to http://www.new-life.net/thanks01.htm for a FREE account of the story. Here is the story from the new-life website.   
The Pilgrim's first thanksgiving feast was not repeated the following year. In the third year, when many of them had become preoccupied with cultivating more land, and building on to their houses, and planting extra corn for trading with the Indians, they were stricken by a prolonged drought. Week followed week with no rain, until even the Indians had no recollection of such a thing ever happening before. The sun-blasted corn withered on it's stalks and became tinder dry, and beneath it the ground cracked open and was so powdery that any normal rain would be of little use. And still the heavens were as brass.
Finally, in July, Governor Bradford called a council of the chief men. It was obvious that God was withholding the rain for a reason, and they had better find out why. Bradford declared a day of fasting, humiliation and prayer, and they gathered in their blockhouse church and began to search their hearts. It turned out that even these 'saints', had things to repent for -- spiritual pride, jealousy, vindictiveness, and greed, as well as a number of broken relationships. One after another, as they became convicted, they asked God's forgiveness and that of their fellow Pilgrims.
A tender, peaceful spirit grew among them and was enhanced as each hour passed. Late in the afternoon, as they emerged from the blockhouse, the sky which that morning had been hard and clear (as it had been every morning for nearly two months), was now covered with clouds all around them. The following morning, it began to rain -- a gentle rain that continued on and off for fourteen days straight.
They had an abundant harvest that fall and they share that bounty once again with their Indian friends. Sadly a generation later English settlers and Indians were at war with each other.
I have said it before, and I say it once again. Capitalism in it's pure form is not the answer, a genuine caring for each other's well being is. If caring means, not being lazy, then work must be done.
September 2006:  I have been spending the majority of my computer time at myspace.com & facebook. I have been doing two things there, telling people from all over the world about the Woodstock and Dead Sea Scroll Connections and keeping an eye out for Miss Right. Sometimes I wonder if she exists, but I am still looking.
December  2006:   I have been spreading the word about my website in various places on the internet. I have to say that most Muslims, whom I have had conversations with are over zealous concerning their religion. Any justified criticism toward the Quran or anything in it, and they shut you out. THEY WILL NOT LISTEN, they twist the truth to justify their denial. They will not unstop their ears as the Damascus Document states. 
An example of this is a conversation about the Quran permitting polygamy. The young Muslim woman who I was having a conversation with, did not have a problem with it. I was telling her how I had recently bought an English version Quran to try to see in it what Muslims see in it. It was striking to me how there are many references to the importance of helping the less fortunate(WHICH IS A FINE AND WISE THING). Among those listed as being less fortunate were orphans. It makes sense to me, that the Muslim world would have an extra problem with orphans. Since ONE man could have for example, 5 wives with three kids per wife. This would make a total of 15 kids. If something were to happen to the one man he would leave behind 15 orphans. On the other hand, if this one man had just ONE wife he would be leaving behind just 3 orphans. Does this not make sense to you? It does to me!!! Not only this, but there would a lot fewer lonely single men. These single men could stop fighting for Allah, and have their own families. This is another striking topic that is brought up time after time in the Quran, fighting for Allah.
Earlier on in my conversation with this young Muslim woman, she had stated that the Quran was perfect...a work of Allah. I replied to her that I did not believe that. I stated to her that I did not think that the Bible was perfect either. Both the Bible and the Quran have rules concerning slaves and slavery. I told her these rules are of the past and MUST remain in the past! Unfortunately there are still some forms of slavery in different parts of the world today. Hopefully not for much longer!
As of this time, I have only read the first two Chapters of the Quran. I am sure that I will find other wise things said in it. The Quran was complied from many writers AFTER Mohammad had past on. With this website I seek to gather the best of ALL religions and discard the mistakes of the past. One of the most difficult thing for a religion and(or) culture is to admit imperfections, but this MUST be done. I am talking about Jews, Christians, and EVERYONE. One of the reasons America is as great as it is, is that people of different cultures have learned to get along, but this can be done better on a bigger scale! I am talking about the world!  
January  2007:  I wanted to add more to my December comments, but here it is January already. All religions have foundation of truth, that has been obscured by selfishness and lies over the centuries. Islam is NO DIFFERENT. It is ALWAYS the individual persons who give a religion a good image or a bad image. The over zealousness demonstrated by most Muslims is simply part of being a Muslim, at least that is the way it seems. Most Muslims whom I have had conversations with, claim that the Quran is perfect. The Quran might be a step toward enlightenment, but it is certainly not perfect. Most Muslims whom I have had conversations with become offended, when I am critical of the Quran. Justified criticism is often huffed and puffed at by most people calling themselves Muslims. I have even granted to the Muslim the fact that the Bible has similar rules and writings about slavery and slaves. The sooner that the common Muslim admits that the Quran has imperfections, the better off we ALL will be. This website gives evidence that the world is bigger than Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and even Judaism. The Damascus Rule was written by nonconformist Jews. Nonconformism is a very important part of the connections.
The Quran has some ideas which I like concerning economics. If someone loans someone else money, the lender is NOT allowed to charge compound interest, variable interest, or ANY interest. In the world of today, far too many, do far too little for what they have. Working no interest lending into our economic system sounds like a very good idea to me! Yes, I know. Lots of shaking up has to happen, before that will happen. That being said, still no matter how an economic structure is refined to be inherently more fair, it is ultimately up the more fortunate to have compassion for the less fortunate.
I have recently heard writer & speaker, Dinesh D'Souza on a couple radio talk programs. He was promoting His new book. He explained a fundamental difference between Christianity and Islam. Primarily Christianity supports the idea of free will in living by the religion's doctrine or to choose not to. If free will is not involved than the heart & soul is not involved and any show of reverence for God and His laws means nothing. Primarily Islam supports the idea of forced religious reverence. This is the main reason there has never been anything close to resembling a freely elected government in countries where the majority of the population is Muslim, until fairly recently(within the last 50 years or so). There is always some big shot telling people what to do. The Quran is loaded with threats of Hell, fire, and suffering if one does not comply. While I believe in a spirit realm kind of hell, a different kind of hell is a hell we mortals create for ourselves, hear on earth. The question, then must be asked, "who is really in charge of the big shots?"  "Is it God?" as many big shots would have the people believe? It could be truly God, if the people are lucky. More often than not, the big shot is simply lead by his or her own desires. If a Muslim person decides to separate from his community of faith, it is allowable according to the Quran, to kill him. He likely would not have a chance to voice his grievance. I say, what if this man was the only one in the congregation who was true to God? Again, I remind people that an important part of the Woodstock and Dead Sea Scroll Connections is nonconformity. The freedom like Americans have known, has allowed every individuals to explore what God truly means for each individual. Along with the freedom of individuals to make their own decisions comes the bad consequences from making the wrong decisions. America and Americans have done a lot of this. To excuse these bad decisions, we have developed those false forms of righteousness. Americans are no less guilty though, than the rest of the world. In fact, the Plymouth Pilgrim were trying to get away from these things, but they followed the Pilgrims here. America is as great as it is because there were enough good hearted people here to offset the bad hearted. God has given most all of us with the capacity to be big shots. What good is being a big shot without true friends to enjoy it. Many have climbed to the top of the mountain of material success, just to be as sad as ever. How do we make others, our true friends? The Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule are a good place to begin. Being humble and thankful are a couple others.
What I am talking about above is a balancing act. A balance of our physical and spiritual natures. Regular festivals are a means of fine tuning our sense of balance among each other. We can gain a better sense of things that we really need, and things that would be simply nice to have, in the physical realm. By doing this, we can gain a better sense of things that really matter in the spiritual realm.
That is all I have for now.
March  2007:  If you have read this website thoroughly up to this point, then you are aware of the Thanksgiving and St. Louis connection. Recently bought a book called Mourt's Relation, which is a  collection of accounts and letters of the happenings surrounding the Plymouth Pilgrims, written by some of the Pilgrims themselves. On page 7 of this book, it is noted that Plymouth Harbor was earlier referred to as Port du Cap de St. Louis, by explorer, Samual de Champlain in 1608. This fact establishes a stronger  correlation between Plymouth Pilgrims, Thanksgiving, St. Louis, and my hometown of White Lake, SD.
May  2007:  I am finding that I have more time to ponder about the world's troubles lately, I have been fired from my part-time job. I still have my regular full-time maintenance job at USD. From this experience, things that I have felt to be true for a long time, have been affirmed. 
I was working this part-time job in order to pay off a credit card debt. I did maintenance work for the local Holiday Inn Express. I started the job in June 2006. I told the manager that I did not want any more than 15 hours per week and that I wanted at least one day off per week like we are supposed to do(a Sabbath, for rest and reflection on God and getting away from material issues). I was let go, terminated, canned, or fired, earlier in this month of May 2007. Not more than a year after it had been built, the original owner sold it to some poor sucker(who already owns about 20 hotels) from India. Did they know something that the new owner did not know? Could be. The lady manager said if it was up to her, she would keep me on because I had leaned from the experience(which I did), and that otherwise I was a very good worker and I knew a lot of stuff. However, it was the owner's decision to fire me. By the way the owner is in India for most of the year, and is hardly ever there. It was built in 2004, so it is barely three years old, but it has lots of infrastructure problems. The walls have waves in them, doors are sagging and are not readily adjustable, there are several electrical wiring flaws and code violations(Some of these problems I was able to fix. As far as the code violations, I brought these to the attention of the manager. It is her responsibility to take the proper actions.), part of the roof had leaks, and the plumbing was done fast and cheap(much like the whole building, FAST AND CHEAP). 
When I first started, I mostly worked on the PTAC's(the heating and cooling units for each of the rooms). The PTAC's had not been thoroughly cleaned in the two cooling seasons, they had been running. They had cleaned them about as well as one could clean them, without pulling them out from the wall. But pulling them out from the wall was a necessary thing, in order to clean the inside portion of the condenser coil. The fan draws outdoor air and everything else that is floating in the air(including cottonwood seeds and dandelion seeds) through that coil. Some of this floating material gets caught in the coil and builds up to the point which, cuts off circulation and the heat transfer process. When a typical air conditioner does not work, 90% of the time, the problem can be fixed simply by cleaning both the condenser and evaporator coils thoroughly. I was also able to figure out a problem with a PTAC, which I was told had stumped a couple other people who worked on it. It turned out that the one motor, which drives both the evaporator fan and condenser fan was wired to run in the wrong direction. The manager said that she thought I, walked on water. I told her that I did no such thing and that I was not perfect, and that one of my weaknesses was plumbing. I had not done much plumbing, but that I would learn as I went along. I did learn a lot about plumbing. I had to take my time, to try to make sure that I did not make a problem situation worse. Oh MY, how things can change. That was last Summer. That same PTAC unit had developed a refrigerant leak shortly before I was let go, this month. That though, was not the reason I was fired. The PTAC's are pieces of junk, and parts go bad on them all too frequently, which is sort of another issue. 
The reason I was fired was because of a plumbing situation. It was not the plumbing problem itself, which lead to my termination, it was a combination of things. It was a Saturday morning and it was graduation day for the University of South Dakota students. The hotel was filled to the max, just as all the motels and hotels in town were. I got the word that #223 had a water leak in the bathroom. It was not immediately apparent where the water was coming from, but it seemed to be moderately bad. So, I and the other part-time maintenance man started looking, feeling, and listening for the source. We had discovered a leaking hot water line, which lead to the bathroom sink above us in#323. It was leaking where the line went through the wooden floor board material. The line was made of plastic(some places require 'copper lines' especially if it is in the interior of a permanent wall and the line is not accessible). I surmised that when the line was originally installed it was yanked through the hole in a rush to get the job done and without care for how long it would last. The hole made in the original installation was made worse and worse from normal vibrations caused by foot traffic and the building settling. The other maintenance man and I agreed that it was bad enough to justify at least turning the hot water line off so that we could put a temporary cap on it to stop the leak. Further work on it could be done Monday when the hotel would not be so busy. We turned off all the hot water valves we could find. I cut the plastic line and I was attempting to seal it off by folding it over and placing a couple vise grip pliers over the fold(Not sure if Bob Vila would have done it thet way or not? Probably not, in retrospect.). Then the water pressure came back, and there was water pretty much everywhere. The other maintenance man went downstairs to try to find and turn off the main cold water valve for the whole building, but he could not find it. It became a panic situation quickly. I went down to see if I could find it. All I saw was the fire sprinkler piping. From what I knew about fire sprinkler systems, if I turned off the wrong valve to the fire sprinkle system and alarm would sound because of the pressure drop. None of the valves were labeled. Well, as it turned out the main water valve was sort of tucked under the fire sprinkler system. So, because I was the one who cut the line, I was fired. It turned out that one of the guests in another room went to use their faucet. In doing so, the cold water went from the one handled faucet into the hot water line which had no counter pressure in it, because we had shut the hot water off. If I had been a little quicker in getting the vise grips on, the whole situation could have been temporarily fixed then and there. 
It was a part-time job that I took just to make a little extra money and my lack of plumbing experience showed itself that day. I certainly learned from it, and I would not make that same mistake again, but the big shot, hardly ever there, owner, did not see the value in that. 'Bottom dollar', and 'survival of the fittest' would appear to be his thinking. He is in effect making the choice to hire someone else part-time who is just as prone to making the same kind of mistake or even a bigger mistake. My vo-tech teacher said many times, "If you have never made a mistake, then you have never done anything." The problem is, elitists lead themselves to believe that they never make mistakes, it is always some else who is to blame. As long as there is someone who will give in and say, "OK, I was to blame," the elitist is not called on his mistake. The plain hard truth is we all make mistakes, some mistakes just have worse consequences than others. The more our world modernizes, the more mistakes can have grave consequences. Building a hotel with the cheapest materials, poor workmanship, and various electrical and plumbing code violations is a moderate mistake. Building a nuclear power plant with the cheapest materials, poor workmanship, and various code violations is very much in the grave category of mistakes. If we keep letting our population grow unchecked and we still want the same kinds of modern conveniences we have grown to take for granted, we have to have more power plants of some kind. The communists have their monument to failure in Chernobyl, but capitalists will inevitably have their own monument to failure as long as there is a reason for something to be swept under the rug or covered up, so that someone does not get fired like I did. This is yet another reason why capitalism alone is NOT the final answer to humanities continued prosperous existence on this planet. If honest mistakes are made great or small, persons making those mistakes must not feel like their life and livelihood are in jeopardy. This kind of environment in human relations reminds me of the story from Lewis Larson, His wages were 50 cents per day. His boss was mean to him.... The man felt that he should sneak away in the middle of the night, even though his wages were withheld from him. He made it home to one remaining haven for him, with his family for Thanksgiving.
It is surely important that people have enough incentive to do for themselves. In pure capitalism though, the themselves, is far over done. When one breaks it down, to the simplest terms, it is not the wealthy who make themselves wealthy, it is the rest of us who allow them to be wealthy, and the rest of us work for their weathiness. In the past, cycles of wealthy people getting more wealth and poor people getting more poverty, have spawned wars, revolutions, and new ideas for government. Ideas like pure communism where 'government' is God, and pure capitalism where 'money' is God. Neither of those is the way, of course. I propose that those people of great, greater, and greatest wealth inevitably share it with the rest of us. If they can not bring themselves to do this in life, then maybe they can bring themselves to do so in death. Instead of leaving all of their wealth great and small to immediate family members, they should leave at least a portion of it to people on the street or along the countryside. A portion of the Damascus Document: They shall love each man his brother as himself; they shall succour the poor, the needy, and the stranger. A data bank could be created of those people who are law obeying citizens, those who have broken the law and are in jail or are on some kind of probation could be left off the list. If this is done, it should be done on a private basis only. If it were made into an organized charity, it would run the risk of being exploited like many other kinds of charities have been. So, this is a call for those who have a lot to give a lot to strangers. If a college education costs, for example $200,000, then Bill Gates could send the whole city of Denver to college(and he would still be filthy rich). 
That is all I have to say for now. I have been sitting a long time. I need to get up and walk around.
June 2007:  The music tracks below are the same tracks on a CD that I made. I made the CD with a certain young woman in mind, ______. Nobody has told me anything directly. It is hard not to have picked up some clues over the many months. I do realize that there has to be real getting to know each other time, before some of the songs below fully ring true. Since I am not a good singer or musician, I use others people's music to say what I want to say. The message isn't always exactly what I want to say, but I can choose a song or series of songs that come very close. I have decided on this indirect form communication for a couple different reasons. 1. There is about 21 years of difference in our ages, and there is a social stigma about age differences. 2. I have been burned before. This strange major hobby that I have taken up, for lots of years now, hasn't helped the situation. As one of the songs says, I have to know How Deep Is Your Love?
No matter what comes of this, if anything, people will have a chance to hear more songs which I grew up listening to on the radio. They are very relevant to the rest of the website anyway. When my much older brother would come home on holidays, I would sit in his car and listen to his 8-track tape of Tommy James & the Shondells. Much of their music was 'Christian Rock' before such a term was coined. Tommy James & the Shondells were as popular as the Beatles in 1969, but these days their music is about impossible to find at a record store, unless that record store is online. 
I feel like I should say a few words to clarify where I stand on the subject of age differences. I certainly believe in a steadfast minimum age when an individual is considered an adult, and is allowed to make his or her own decisions in life. However, in the United States such rules are somewhat inconsistent. Is it 18 or 21? I would vote for 18 right now, but maybe that is just me!? Seriously though, often the sooner one is given responsibility, the sooner responsibility is taken. I have found that 10 year olds can be more mature than some 20 years olds(or even one 45 year old I know), so I guess we are taking our chances no matter what.
July 2007:  About two weeks ago already, I was listening to a morning radio program. I heard that Paul McCartney has fired some touring workers for eating hamburgers on their lunch break. I found a comment from Ted Nugent at wacotrib.com concerning the firings.
I have some words of my own concerning the firings. The world might be having some ecological problems, but is this the path we want to go down? Not all of us are fortunate enough to live in the tropics, run around naked, and preach vegetarianism. Some of us who live in the colder climates need to eat meat to keep our body heat up. Would Mr. McCartney fire an Eskimo for being an Eskimo? Paul never was my favorite Beatle, this is further justification.
The larger issue is the fact that humanity is over running the Earth, and we are becoming too urbanized. Production of food in ever more crowded and mechanized facilities has greatly diminished the quality of life for the animals. There were once millions of bison on the Great Plains. The Native Americans hunted them and used every part of them for food, clothing, and tools, but as part of their religion they respected the bison as being part of the circle of life. I am not saying that we should do everything like the Native Americans did. If we take it upon ourselves to do the responsible thing(not as part of a supposed Illuminati plan, but because it is the wise thing to do), to have smaller families, then we could gradually give room back to the animals.
This last Thursday, July 19th, I was listening to a little Rush Limbaugh. He was talking about how we have been misinformed for many decades about the benefits of Vitamin C. His source is from Sky News

RUSH: We also have bad news. Well, good news for me, bad news for all of you who buy into all the hype and propaganda. Vitamin C does nothing to prevent a cold. How many years have we heard this? Who was it, Linus Pauling that came up with that? It was a long time ago. We've been hearing it all our lives and so forth, and all it does is change the color of your urine. It has no effect. There are lessons to be learned here.

Rush can praise the glorious ways and attributes of capitalism in one segment, and rail against those who are participating in it the next. This one instance of overblowing the health benefits of a substance, for monetary gain, is only one of countless ways capitalism is not the be all and end all for Humanity. This what I mean when I say that Rush's truthfulness is greatly limited to within the context of a society that is already screwed up by the three forms of false righteousness. I believe this would bring down Rush's claim to being right 98.7% of the time to more like 8.7% of the time. In considering how the Damascus Document applies here, I can not decide if it is more a case of blind men groping for the way or daubing the wall with plaster? Maybe a little of both. 

It is an indication that those in Rush's world of thinking, do not really know all the answers, even though they posture themselves as if they know. Conservatism & the status quo is what we have already had for a very long time. It is what has brought us to the circumstances that we are faced with today. The plaster just doesn't stick like it used to. 
Peoples who live in a certain environments for many years and centuries acquire certain tendencies toward certain foods. I have a book called, Eat Right For Your Type, by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo & Catherine Whitney. The books tells how certain foods tend to affect people of different blood types differently. For one example; just about all kinds of meats are shown to have a negative affect on people with type A blood, while generally people with blood types B, AB, & O have fewer problems from eating meats. In fact lots of meats are shown to have beneficial affects on people with blood types B, AB, & O. So, this is just further reason why the Vege-Nazis should BACK OFF.
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